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6 Knife Safety Tips

6 Knife Safety Tips
Whether you're working in a commercial kitchen with a professional knife set, or you're at home, knife safety is essential. Here are 6 tips to stay...

History of the Knife Rental Service

History of the Knife Rental Service
Origins The origins of the knife rental service is an interesting story in itself. There is a rich history of knife sharpeners originating in the ...

Kitchen Knife Care: 10 Tips

Kitchen Knife Care: 10 Tips
Even with our bi-weekly knife delivery service, there are ways to help keep your knives extra sharp between shipments. Here are 10 tips on how to m...

It’s Knife Day! - How The Knife Service Works

Removing chef's knife from knife sleeve during knife exchange
‘Always Have Sharp Knives,’ that’s our motto because that’s what we do. The idea of having sharp knives all the time may on a sound like a gimmick,...

The Blade and The Board: Choosing and Using Cutting Surfaces

8" chef knife
One of the most important ways of maintaining a sanitary kitchen is through the proper use of cutting boards. Understanding the different types of ...

Great Knives from Great Tradition

Knife Grinder
There’s more to a great knife set than a logo. The way a knife holds an edge, how easily the edge can be maintained, the quality of the steel, the ...