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The sharp knife subscription.

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What is PostKnife?

PostKnife is a subscription knife service that delivers freshly sharpened knives to your door.

How It Works

Fresh knives


Your fresh knives arrive in the mail. Gather the used PostKnife knives to send back to us for sharpening.

Used Knives


Carefully remove the fresh knives from the sleeves. Insert the used knives into the sleeves and put them in the box. 

Used Knives Back


Apply the mailing label and seal the box with the tape. Send the used knives back to us in the next day’s mail.


What our customers are saying

Loving the knives. I used one of the chef knives at the cafe to bang out prep for a party of 150 the other night. I swear it cut an hour off my prep time.

David Smith - Chef at Alder Creek Cafe (Truckee, CA)

I've been very pleased with the knives we receive with our subscription. The packaging and mail services have been very easy to use and faster than I would have expected. It is nice to always have sharp knives in the drawer!

Jim Smallwood, At Home Subscription (Denver, CO)

Loving our PostKnives. Cutting up veggies used to be a chore with dull knives. Now, dare I say, it’s fun?

Carissa Dixon, At Home Subscription (Kansas City, MO)

I'm very happy with these knives. The edge is light-years beyond the average knife service I have used in the past. The simple fact that we can do this by mail on our own time is EXTREMELY valuable. It's a perfect fit for our kitchen. Thanks a ton!

James Phillips - Executive Chef - The Farmers Table (Medina, OH)

Our team loves it when a new box of knives comes in the mail! They are consistently the sharpest knives in house and people always reach for them first!

Jillian Forte - Executive Chef of At Sara's Table Chester Creek Cafe (Duluth, MN)

Benefits of a PostKnife Subscription

Sharp = Safe

Regular deliveries of freshly sharpened knives means you are always using the best possible tools. Whether in a home or commercial kitchen, sharp edges mean fewer accidents. Plus, no contact delivery!


Receive sharp knives, then return your used PostKnife knives in the same box. We even include the tape and label for no-fuss return shipping.

Less to Manage

A PostKnife subscription does the work for you. You’ll always be working with fresh knives with little effort.


As anyone who’s ever worked in a busy commercial kitchen knows, efficiency is key to success. PostKnife can help you do more in less time, help your kitchen handle rushes more efficiently, and turn more covers.


PostKnife is cheaper than owning and maintaining your own knives, and allows you to focus on the food.

Our Unique Edge

Knife sharpening has been our family's trade for four generations. Using methods our ancestors brought from the Dolomite Alps region of Italy, we sharpen knives by hand with a water-cooled grindstone, giving the edge a superior shape and finish that will last.

sharpened knives

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