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What is PostKnife?

PostKnife is a subscription knife service that delivers freshly sharpened knives to professionals and home chefs on a routine basis.

How It Works


Your fresh knives arrive in the mail. Gather the used PostKnife knives to send back to us for sharpening.


Carefully remove the fresh knives from the sleeves. Insert the used knives into the sleeves and put them in the box. 


Apply the mailing label and seal the box with the tape. Send the used knives back to us in the next day’s mail.

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Commercial Kitchen Service or Home Chef Subscription?

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What’s in

Our Unique Edge

Knife sharpening has been our family's trade for four generations. Using methods our ancestors brought from the Dolomite Alps region of Italy, we sharpen knives by hand with a water-cooled grindstone, giving the edge a superior shape and finish that will last.

What our Customers are saying

I'm very happy with these knives. The edge is light-years beyond the average knife service I have used in the past. The simple fact that we can do this by mail on our own time is EXTREMELY valuable. It's a perfect fit for our kitchen. Thanks a ton!

James Phillips - Executive Chef - Southern Tier Brewing Company

When you’re managing a restaurant there are a lot of moving parts. PostKnife gives us one less thing to think about. The knives always show up, they’re always sharp and up to our standards; it’s what we need to create quality food and really good products for our customers.

Allison Sandbeck - Owner/Operator of Kickapoo Coffee Cafe (Viroqua, WI)

Since we've been using this service I greatly appreciate not having to worry about making sure my knives are always sharp and ready to go. Plus it's a very simple process. By the time the set of knives I’m using gets dull, my new sharp set is in the mailbox waiting for me. It's a perfect fit for my catering company.

Kayla Marie - Owner/Operator of Chef Kayla Marie LLC, Food Consultant, Caterer (Mount Pleasant, WI)

Loving the knives. I used one of the chef knives at the cafe to bang out prep for a party of 150 the other night. I swear it cut an hour off my prep time.

David Smith - Chef at Alder Creek Cafe (Truckee, CA)

Our team loves it when a new box of knives comes in the mail! They are consistently the sharpest knives in house and people always reach for them first!

Jillian Forte - Executive Chef of At Sara's Table Chester Creek Cafe (Duluth, MN)

Why a Subscription?

Always Sharp

With regular deliveries of freshly sharpened knives, your staff is always using the sharpest possible tools.

Easy to Use

Schedule your first delivery in minutes. Manage your account with your mobile device.

Less to Manage

A subscription knife service runs by itself, so you're working with knives that always feel brand new with almost no effort.

Benefits of Sharp Knives


Sharp edges mean fewer and less severe accidents, with fewer workers comp claims and worker time lost.


Workers can accomplish more, meaning your restaurant can handle rushes more efficiently so you can serve more people.


Knife rental is cheaper than owning and maintaining your own knives, with better results, allowing your staff to focus on the food.