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About Us

Providing sharp knives to the people that need them is the service we do best.

For generations, our family has provided professional knife sharpening service the world over. 120 years ago, Great Grandfather Giacomo Maestri left his home in Italy and immigrated to the US, bringing with him the trade of knife grinding. Like Giacomo, we are providing a solution to a problem; the edge of a knife is not everlasting. Our solution is the sharp knife subscription, delivering sharp knives every two weeks so our clients Always Have Sharp Knives.

At PostKnife we have maintained traditional hand grinding methods that provide for a more finely finished edge. The knives cut as smooth as silk. Our customers have made clear that the traditional edge is the better edge, so we’re sticking to it. Giacomo would be proud.

The focus of PostKnife, and the reason that our knife service works, is that we bring real value to our customers. From the moment that the PostKnife box arrives in the kitchen, morale is on the rise and people get happy; we call it Knife Day. By doing our job right, people in kitchens all over the country get to do their jobs better. We appreciate the opportunity to provide such a service.

A product of service, tradition, and genuine interest in making people happy, we’re PostKnife. It would be a pleasure to work with you.