Knife service for commercial kitchen | FAQ – PostKnife


How can I contact a person at PostKnife?

Call us at 1 (608) 285-2623 -or- email us at

If questions or concerns arise, please contact us. We’re here to help.

Can I choose a custom set of knives?

Yes. Contact us to get started, and a PostKnife expert will help you choose a custom set. 

Can you sharpen my personal knives?

Yes. In fact, if you're signed up as a customer with PostKnife, we'll sharpen up to 2 personal knives per exchange at no additional charge. If you're not a PostKnife customer, click here to visit our sister company; they can help you out.

What happens if I damage or lose a knife?

We understand that accidents happen. If lost or damaged knives becomes a problem, we’ll contact you.

What should I do if I can’t find all of the used knives to return?

Don’t worry, just return all of the old PostKnife knives you can find. When the others turn up, send them back in a future shipment.

How much does it cost to start the knife service?

Zero. Your first delivery is free, there are no upfront costs, and you can cancel any time.

Is shipping included?

Yes! All shipping is included in the service. 

What shipping service does PostKnife use?

PostKnife ships via the US Postal Service (USPS). The shipping address that you provide us with, must be a physical or PO Box address that USPS delivers to. Please contact us if USPS delivery is not an option for you.

I love my knives. Why would I use PostKnife?

We love knives just like you do; properly maintaining and restoring knives is our passion. The PostKnife subscription provides your kitchen with a full set of sharp knives for everyone to use. That way, you can rest assured that sharp knives are available for your entire crew, and they can focus on the food.

What exactly is a knife service?

A knife service is a subscription to have professionally sharpened knives, delivered to your door on a routine basis. Two sets of knives are continuously being exchanged. On Knife Day your freshly sharpened knives arrive in the mail. Remove the sharp knives them from the box, then put the used knives back in the box. Adhere the enclosed return shipping label, and put the box out in the next day’s mail.

I’ve never heard of a knife service. Is this for real?

Yes! We have deep family roots to Trento, Italy, a region that is globally recognized as the birthplace of the knife grinding trade. For generations, delivering sharp knives to chefs and meat cutters, has been our family’s livelihood. Thousands of restaurants utilize a knife service to always have sharp knives.

Are these your knives or my knives?

The knives belong to PostKnife. Only knives owned by PostKnife are used in the service. 

Do you carry any other types of knives?

Yes. We carry many different styles of knives if you would like to choose your own custom set. 

What is the phone number for PostKnife customer service?

1 (608) 285-2623

What is the mailing address for PostKnife?

S11251 Fairview Rd., Spring Green, WI 53588 

If my business is not a restaurant, can I still get the PostKnife service?

Yes. PostKnife services a wide range of establishments including butcher shops, grocery stores, bakeries, caterers, cafés, institutional kitchens, sandwich shops, dining hall kitchens, hotels, taco trucks, pizzerias and more. If you need sharp knives all the time, we’re here to serve you.

How do I cancel service?

Easy. Just log into your account profile and under the service options tab choose to cancel. When you cancel service we ship you a box and prepaid return shipping label, so you can easily return the PostKnife knives.

If the knives are not returned, PostKnife does reserve the right to charge for any shipping costs incurred in our effort to recover the knives, and to charge for the knives that are not returned.

What happens if I don’t send the knives back?

All knives are owned by PostKnife, so you are responsible for sending them back. If you would like to keep the knives, we’ll be happy to sell them to you.

What kind of knives do you use?

All knives are PostKnife brand, manufactured with high quality stainless steel blades and poly handles.

Can I get knives delivered more often than every two weeks?

Absolutely. PostKnife offers weekly delivery service as well.

Is it really cheaper to use PostKnife than to buy knives and sharpen them in house?

Yes. Knife service costs less than continually buying knives, trying to maintain them in house, and unfortunately using dull knives much of the time. The value that PostKnife adds to a kitchen greatly exceeds the cost.

Safety - preventing one accident can pay for a year of subscription service. Take into consideration that an injury with a dull knife is usually much worse than a cut with a sharp knife. Loss in production occurs when an injured staff member has to stop working and sometimes go to the hospital. Often times an additional employee has to take the injured employee to the hospital, so that’s 2 employees down! On top of that the injured employee is often needs a day or more off of work for recovery. At the end of the day a hospital bill or a workers comp claim will also be in order. The costs add up quickly. A dull knife is a dangerous knife.

Efficiency – reduce down time and food waste directly related to dull knives and trying to sharpen them. Doing prep work takes less time with sharp knives. Food orders can go out more efficiently; during a rush that translates into shorter wait times and more customers being served.

Consistency - with PostKnife you know that every knife in the kitchen is sharp all the time; that piece of mind makes staffing easier and enables your crew to focus on the food!

Other Knife Costs – NEVER BUY KNIVES AGAIN; PostKnife eliminates all knife purchase costs, and costs of sharpening stones, machines and gadgets.