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6 Knife Safety Tips

Whether you're working in a commercial kitchen with a professional knife set, or you're at home, knife safety is essential. Here are 6 tips to stay safe when using your kitchen knife.



1. Use sharp knives.

  • Dull knives are one of the biggest causes of knife related accidents in the kitchen, so make sure to use your best sharp knives, and maintain them with proper care. Contracting with a professional knife service helps to ensure kitchen knives are as sharp and safe as they can be.

2. Use the Right Knife for the Job.

  • Using a knife that is too small or large for the job at hand can quickly lead to an accident. Pick the right knife.

3. Secure your Cutting Surface.

  • Place a wet cloth beneath your cutting board so it remains in place while you work.

4. Use proper cutting technique.

  • With your knife hand, pinch the blade with your thumb and index finger, while using your other fingers to grip the handle.


(This technique is mainly for chef’s knives. For other knives, check out this video.)

  • With your other hand, hold the food you are cutting with a firm grip. Curl your fingers inward so your knuckles protrude.


  • Slice by rocking the knife along the blade, front to back.

5. Handle with Care.

  • Always cut away from your body.

  • When putting your knife down, place it so the blade faces away from your body.

  • When walking with a knife, hold it point facing down, and alert anyone you pass.

6. Store your Knives.

  • Storing knives properly protects the blade and prevents them from getting dull.

  • Don’t leave in the sink, or in a loose drawer, as this can cause accidents.

  • Find a knife storage solution that best suits your kitchen.



We hope this helps! For more information on sharp knife subscriptions, or knife rental subscriptions, visit us at www.postknife.com. Stay sharp!

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