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The PostKnife subscription provides your kitchen with a set of sharp knives on an ongoing basis. When you receive a freshly sharpened knife set, you send back the used set in the same box; return shipping label included.

Choose the frequency of service that best suits your needs.

Cooking meals on a near daily basis? Every two months will be a good fit.

Preparing meals a few times a week? Every four months or six months will work.

At any time, you can increase or decrease your subscription to best suit your needs.

Subscription includes one full set of knives to keep

When you sign up for the At Home - PostKnife Subscription, you become the owner of one full set of knives (3 or 5 knives, depending on the set you choose).

If you ever decide to discontinue the service, you still have a great set of knives.

Any PostKnife knives, in excess of one full set, must be returned or purchased upon cancellation.

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If you have any questions, would like to customize, or would like to purchase a gift subscription.


3 Piece Home Chef

5 Piece Home Chef