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The Finer Edge

Why Do Restaurants Subscribe To A Knife Service?

Every professional chef knows that a knife is not just a random kitchen tool, it is an extension of their hand that can greatly impact how they perform their work. The quality of the food on the plate, the enjoyment and pride one feels when performing their work, and how efficiently one can finish the job; all are connected to the sharpness of the edge. Every restaurant and commercial kitchen must have a method for ensuring they have sharp knives. A reliable knife service puts the highest quality edges in the hands of cooks and chefs on a routine basis. In this post, we are going to discuss the importance of knife services.

Why Is Knife Service Vital?

From the time you start prepping until the dishes are plated, you will be using a knife. In this day and age, you need to be able to train people to do the vast majority of jobs in your business. Therefore, whether it’s training a bartender to make the perfect Old Fashioned (orange slices prepped for muddling of course), or training a prep cook to chop onions, the best way to prepare your people to be successful, is to establish consistency and make it easy. A professional knife service brings a level of consistency to the knives in your operation that you and your staff can rely on.

The Knife - A Tool Beyond Chopping Veggies

A knife is a multi-purpose cooking tool. For example, a knife is used to scale a fish. A dull knife can bruise the fish, which will affect the quality of the dish.

When it comes to presenting a great salad, the chef has to be very precise while cutting the vegetables in order to cut them into a consistent size and yield the most from each piece. A dull knife will leave you with a bruised and inconsistent product that has a shorter shelf life.

A high-quality knife service allows kitchen staff to perform every knife related job both with professionalism, safety and ease. The ability to both get the job done and impress your clientele with the finished product are enhanced by the quality if the knife.

In The End,

A knife service can make a big difference when it comes to cooking both in a professional and home setting. Reliability is essential when choosing a knife sharpening and exchange service that is going to deliver. PostKnife offers the most trusted and reliable subscription knife service, that delivers freshly sharpened knives right to your doorstep. Peruse our other pages on to learn more about our sharp knife subscriptions.