PostKnife | 20 Knives Set - Chef's Knives, Serrated, and Boning
20 Piece Knife Set
8 chef’s knife
10” chef’s knife
off set serrated
6 curved boning

20 Knives Set - Biweekly

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Your selected knife set is automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Knife rental and sharpening service for: 

8  -  8" chef's knives
4  -  10" chef's knives
4  -  off-set serrated knives
4  -  curved boning knives

Subscription Details:

Every two weeks, a set of 20 sharp knives will be delivered to your door. 

PostKnife provides your kitchen with two identical sets of rental knives. When you receive a freshly sharpened knife set, you send back the used set in the same box; return shipping label included. 

If a bi-weekly knife exchange is not a good fit for your operation, contact us to customize your delivery schedule.

Sign up today, and if you're unhappy with the knife service for any reason, we'll refund your first delivery.

Knife Styles:

10" chef's knife

The chef's knife does the most prep work in a kitchen. Chopping vegetables, mincing herbs, breaking down meat and more, the chef's knife is an all-purpose tool.

8” chef’s knife

The 8" chef's knife is the go to prep tool for many kitchens. The basic function is the same as the 10", but many find the 8" to be more comfortable.  

off-set serrated

The off-set serrated knife is an ergonomic and most preferred style of bread knife. The serrated edge is designed to slice bread, saw through hard crust, and cut through sandwiches with ease and control. A sharp serrated knife is often the choice knife for cutting citrus and many other foods.

curved boning

The curved boning knife has a 6" blade. Boning knives were designed for cutting meat from around bones, "boning", but the same blade is now often referred to as a utility knife (because its an all around kind of knife) Finer work like slicing fruits and vegetables, and other tasks that require more detailed knife work are perfect jobs for a boning knife.