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Kitchen Knife Essentials

When it comes to supplying your kitchen with sharp knives, things can get overwhelming fast. That’s why we’ve prepared a basic list of essential kitchen knives to always have around.

Chef's Knife

This is the most versatile and commonly used knife in almost any kitchen. Its size (typically between 8-12 inches) make it useful for chopping, slicing, and dicing a wide range of foods during meal prep, like tomatoes, carrots, and meats. Just make sure to avoid foods that are too small for the job, which brings us to our next knife.

Paring Knife

It’s important for the size of the knife to suit the size of the food you are cutting. This way you avoid accidents, and cut more efficiently. This is why a paring knife is perfect for peeling fruits, dicing small veggies, or separating seeds.

Serrated Knife

Next is the serrated knife. A sharp serrated knife is great for foods that have a tough surface and a soft interior. Bread, of course, but also pineapples, or any thick skinned fruit or vegetable. The great thing about the serrated cutting edge is that it offers grip, unlike the other knives. Dealing with a slippery water melon? A serrated knife might be your best bet.

Boning Knife

Finally, the boning knife. Boning knives are used, as the name implies, mainly for separating meat from bones. The narrow, flexible blade allows for more delicate cutting. Its size also allows you to cut closer to the bone, saving as much meat as possible. 

Whether you choose to buy a professional kitchen knife set, or individual sharp knives, we hope this provided you with some useful information on the most essential kitchen knives.

Remember, at the very least, your knives should be sharp! Check out our sharp knife subscriptions if you want sharp knives delivered to your door.

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